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There's no use

jetting ahead unless

you’re all going in the

right direction.

with a nod to
Warren Buffett


We accelerate next stage growth and innovation, pivots and course changes for leaders and their companies.


realignment &


Business growth or shift is difficult on leaders and their teams.

Our reVisionTM program results

in steady acceleration towards an aligned and more actively innovative culture, mobile and collaborative, and financially healthier as a business.

branding &



We provide experienced, executive level strategic and development services for a wide variety of needs including user experience and graphic design, editorial, development, seo, content and mixed media planning and development.




We offer a highly configurable program based on the CrushYourBLOCK methodology,  a proprietary approach for teams  and individuals to identify mental blocks, clarify priorities, and activate progress. Smart, actionable tools help leaders and teams improve performance in all parts of work and  life.




These services are for busy managers who want to up their leadership skills with specific objectives in mind.

1:1 sessions are goal-driven, and include a positive business culture methodology, templates and strategic communication support.

LUCID. Business navigation for smoother acceleration.  


We did it

the hard way,

so you don't

have to.

It's  been an exhilarating and at times high-risk adventure, working both inside and guiding tech and non-tech companies for 2+ decades. In that time, we've become specialists in helping executive teams change company direction - whether scaling up from entrepreneurial to sustained, or pivoting a business model to be more closely aligned to changing customer needs.

We consider ourselves lucky.

Our work with global companies has often included traveling to and from Silicon Valley and with the wonderful opportunity to bridge divides between employees of mixed generations, genders, disciplines, and cultures. As a team, our objective is always to leave improved collaboration throughout all levels of the company. And most importantly, improved communication among senior executives, who set the tone for the entire business.


Why are we here?

Practice hasn’t made us perfect, but it has moved our expertise and teamwork from theoretical to real. We've learned by having to draw the map, walk the path, and watch the results play out over time. There are company cultures that need to transition for many reasons, we believe positive change is always possible and preferable before an imbalance moves a company into distress. 


Frontier Guides

Based on your business need, we assemble the needed subject matter experts to help you clear the path, and trouble-shoot the trail so you can lead your team through unfamiliar or difficult passes with confidence and ultimately a higher chance of success.

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