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leadership pathfinding for the age of mobility

Today, with the nearly immeasurable speed of mobile adoption across the globe, habits and expectations of all customers are also changing. Yet, executives often ignore signals of customer or shifting business impact on their company. 


Leaders often continue running in the same direction because to pause and assess, seems impossible. One of the early symptoms include an increasing downward shift in the energy or engagement of employee groups away from the flagging corporate edict (sometimes even before the obvious signal of revenues declining).

LUCID's reVisionTM methodology

enables executive teams to quickly unify on company direction, and then engage employees to join in deployment. This approach is based on decades of experience on both sides of change (guiding from the outside and driving from the inside).


employees cost

the U.S. 

$450B - $550B

in annual lost productivity


The State of the the American Workplace Gallup study

2013, 2015, 2016

JOSH Goldberg & FANNY Krivoy

CoFounders,  Studio Analogous

"We’re a strategy and design consultancy and guide our clients through a number of transformations — building a digital capability, launching a new business, repositioning an organization to be inclusion-ready.  And when we are looking to make turns in our own business, we work with LUCID to guide us through similar growth phases.


The LUCID team doesn’t just understand business, they understand our business. They cut through the editorial and wishful thinking and get to the heart of our issues, be it positioning, service offering, capacity building, culture. They are current, practical and invested in our success.  Engage LUCID before your competitors do!"


Global Co-President,  Women In Wireless

"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with someone as smart, kind and intuitive as Janis. She is able to very quickly interpret a wealth of data and translate that to actionable information that can drive an organization forward. Janis was able to help us update and clearly articulate our vision and mission and she has stayed in touch to support us throughout the implementation of this project as well.


Not only does Janis have an incredible gift of developing sound strategic corporate communications and positioning, she is also a wonderful human being and a pleasure to know."

Vice-President, Marketing, Tapjoy

EMILY McInerney

"I was recommended to Janis by a C-suite leader who had worked closely with her. Having been recently charged with re-vitalizing our marketing organization, after auditing employee and customer feedback, I was supported by my CEO and CRO to engage LUCID to guide us in refining our 10-year business, global company that had grown from startup to scale-up and were now facing in rapidly emerging competition in the mobile business market.

Janis quickly engaged the entire executive team and we completed the reVision program efficiently. I could see the business leaders from the C-suite to the senior VPs quickly align, as they were skillfully navigated to distill our vision into action.


The business foundation deliverables were embraced through the entire company in one of the smoothest roll-outs I've experienced.

My progression forward to transform our external position was accelerated as we received clear direction and examples of how to put concept on paper into to a cross-company transformative movement. 

A year later, the energy, commitment and engagement from our company is evident in our business numbers. I continue to use LUCID as a resource to round out our needs, and have and continue to recommend them- with consistently positive reviews."

WAYNE Willis 

CEO, illumai

"Janis arrived and, in very short order, was able to assimilate our customer needs, understand the open market spaces, and refine our internal organization so we could "build the brand" that we all saw, but couldn't articulate.

Following her reVisionTM development process, she listened to, quickly sorted through and integrated all the complex ideas we were debating. Her process generated terrific enthusiasm from our team along the way, as Janis boiled the inputs down to clear descriptions of what our brand needed to be.


The deliverables included a brand brief, business vision, mission, values and other things, including top line communications guides for specific marketing deliverables (website, ad copy, content voice, etc.)

What I most appreciated was the clarity of the final results. The world is filled with marketing "strategists" who tell you what you need to achieve, but leave you puzzled about what to do next. Precious few SHOW you how to make concepts immediately actionable.


Janis combines the critical thinking of an MBA/strategic marketer with the deeply creative capabilities that can demonstrate what the brand is about. The result is a set of first principles that everyone understands and is committed to ... along with a strong, clear sense of how every member of the company can drive forward.“


look & listen

Audit of existing company culture.

  • Survey

  • Interviews

  • Materials Review

Reconcile inputs and define opportunities.

delivery 1

Insights & Actions


Optional Audits or Research

  • Competitive

  • Customer

  • Employee


assess, identify, codify

Facilitate collaborative process to re-align company direction.

  • Guide leaders to strategic agreement.

  • Create or refine business "guide rails" for easier company integration

  delivery 2

  reVisionTM Business Foundation

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values


engage & empower

Support company-wide adoption of reVisionTM.

delivery 3

Instruction, templates, and communication support of internal rollout.

Optional Integration Services

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Organization

  • Product

  • Global Strategy

 The reVisionTM Method

realignment & revitalization

for busy leadership teams, everywhere.

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