1:1 navigation for executive leaders

We offer private navigation for executive and management level individuals.


Our cognitive science based methodology was designed to help executives rapidly unblock, and discover insights resulting in action for themselves by themselves.


Our navigation approach delivers a clear path to improve communication with yourself. 

about 1:1 private navigation

who you are

  • A first-time executive balancing new management responsibilities ​

  • A manager looking for tools and methods to level up your ability to support your team

  • An executive in a change-management or transitioning environment interested in tuning up their skills managing up/down/across their company ​

  • Anyone interested in transitioning or pivoting - into a new career or life stage- looking for support and tools to plan actions towards that destination ​

  • A manager looking to reset team dynamic- to improve attitude, collaboration, communication

what it is

At some stage in your career, you reach a transition point that none of your business support, peers or family have the experience to advise you through.

1:1 navigation provides a private and seasoned management sounding board to safely discuss approaches, methods, and tools. As well as practice or learn techniques to regain your confidence towards a smoother transition and goal achievement.


If you are in need of on-going psychology, emotional or behavioral support, we are happy to recommend possible services.

how it works

You set the agenda. The sessions are purpose-driven, action-oriented and optimal for problem-solving and skill-building.

Many clients do use this as their allocated professional or employee development program.

We meet on a standing day/time.

Time is booked on an hourly basis and billed monthly

what our clients say


"It helped me clear mental space, gain insight, and immediately act on a more sustainable balance between work and all other parts of my life that I'd never been able to start because I never was able to find the time."

"The career navigation service is helping me understand and better use my natural strengths and interests to define the role I've always wanted to play in a company. Having a sounding board who not only has done what I'm doing but has tools, methods and perspectives have helped me progress faster and with less frustration than before."

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