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Lucid enables executive teams to quickly unify on company direction, and then engage employees to join in deployment. Our proprietary methodology is based on decades of experience on both sides of change - guiding from the outside and driving from the inside.

how it works


look & listen

We carry out an audit of the existing company culture through surveys, internal and external interviews, and materials reviews. 


Insights & Actions


assess, identify, codify

Collaboratively re-align company direction based on insights.  Guide leaders to strategic agreements. Create or refine business "guide rails" for easier company integration - now and in the future. 


Company Mission, Vision, Values


engage & empower

Support company-wide adoption of the new company mission, vision, and values. 

Optional Services:

Branding, Marketing, Organization, Product, Global Strategy


Instruction, templates, and communication support of internal rollout.


Farzana Nasser

Global Co-President, 



"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with someone as smart, kind and intuitive as Janis. She is able to very quickly interpret a wealth of data and translate that to actionable information that can drive an organization forward. Janis was able to help us update and clearly articulate our vision and mission and she has stayed in touch to support us throughout the implementation of this project as well."

Shelley Alger

VP Corp Dev 

CXO Nexus


"The LUCID methodology is unique, holistic and highly effective. Whether you believe you need change or not, you do need the very talented LUCID team on your side. Their approach helps teams discover, articulate and pursue bigger goals than formerly imagined.


Janis is a unique combination of business and creative brilliance. She is extraordinary at what she does and a joy to work with. She has great breadth in experience across many types of businesses and industries, and delivers great depth in understanding your business specifically. She gets to the heart of the matter across all aspects of your company, from both an internal and external view. She’s insightful, intuitive and passionate - and her diplomatic, skillful ways elevated our team, our marketing strategy, our messaging and our product.  She’s a font of ideas and always on the cutting edge of what’s next"

Wayne Willis 



"Janis arrived and, in very short order, was able to assimilate our customer needs, understand the open market spaces, and refine our internal organization so we could "build the brand" that we all saw, but couldn't articulate. She listened to, quickly sorted through and integrated all the complex ideas we were debating. Her process generated terrific enthusiasm from our team along the way, as Janis boiled the inputs down to clear descriptions of what our brand needed to be.

What I most appreciated was the clarity of the final results. The world is filled with marketing "strategists" who tell you what you need to achieve but leave you puzzled about what to do next. Precious few SHOW you how to make concepts immediately actionable. Janis combines the critical thinking of an MBA/strategic marketer with the deeply creative capabilities that can demonstrate what the brand is about. The result is a set of first principles that everyone understands and is committed to ... along with a strong, clear sense of how every member of the company can drive forward.“

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