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Lucid Navigation

LOO-sid | navəˈɡāSH(ə)n/

1. clear on location and destination

2.  planning and arriving with success

you're the captain. where would you like to go?

build business 


We help businesses establish their company purpose and roll this out across their company.

align your leaders 

revitalize employees

We work with executive team leaders to find a common ground to ensure they are leading the company with a unified voice. 

navigate a new 
leadership role 

Have you stepped up into a new leadership role? Lucid can provide you with a fresh perspective on the company and role to help you succeed.

our services

1:1 executive navigation

Provides executives with private Navigation. A private and secure way to quickly increase confidence, to identify and release blocks, and develop actionable insights. For executives ready to step towards "authentic intelligence" leadership.

corporate team navigation

Executive teams to quickly unify

on company direction. Employees align and have managers have a fast ramp to activate and deploy change. Includes programs to accelerate internal and external awareness, tools and templates.

Are you interested in smaller-scale personal development workshops? We do that too. Head over to crushyourblock.com to find out about our 3-hour personal development workshops. 

we did the hard work so you don't have to

We've journeyed around the world, and practiced a lot. Over the years, we've tuned our skills and developed a deep set of tools, techniques and experience.


What's our passion? We help leaders be clearer communicators, better collaborators, and more effective managers. We revel in the 5-generation workplace, diverse global teams and the rapid change brought on by a mobile and digital workforce.

What's our specialty? Innovation, change, and transition. Whether you're an idea center in a large corporation, a scale-up or a newly funded startup. We help you get from idea to action with less stress and more success.

what our clients say

"The LUCID team doesn’t just understand the business, they understand OUR business. They cut through the editorial and wishful thinking and get to the heart of our issues, be it positioning, service offering, capacity building, culture. They are current, practical and invested in our success."  

JOSH Goldberg & FANNY Krivoy, CoFounders, Studio Analogous

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Ready to see if Lucid is right for you? Or maybe you just want some time to bounce some ideas with on a new project  - we can help. 

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