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Refresh your view of you.

A Jump-Start Career Workshop

Neuroscience + Business Smarts

Clear Action Plans & Tools

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Gain Focus & Insight


Clarify Decisions

We're trained to run Crush Career Workshops.

If you are interested in having participating in a private session, or in hosting a team workshop,

please contact us.

Workshop Results for Participants & Teams

  • a highly engaging experience resulting in a common framework for team moving forward

  • learning that can be immediately applied to all parts of life

  • tools and methods that can be used to improve career and life planning longer term

  • immediate action plan based on your current priorities and future goals

  • a clearly articulated and phased path of action

  • a process so you can map ongoing and future career/life planning

  • identifies blocks needing deeper attention for faster career progress

  • All Attendee work is done privately. There is no external analysis, audits or sharing.

  • Printed & Digital Materials will be provided

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